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Hello My name is 

CJ DeCarlo

I am a designer who loves to create campaigns by illustrating logos for signs, shirts, and

trademarks.  Other graphics incudes advertisements like brochures, flyers and ads.  Like

most graphic designers I get my inspiration from other artwork to create my own.   

My Story

CJ DeCarlo was born in 1991 and grew up in Brick, New Jersey where he currently lives.  His love for art came at the age of seven when he did work for art in grammar school.  He enjoyed drawing so much he dove deeper into drawing and turned his interest in drawing houses.  At the time he wanted to become an architect and design houses


After he graduated high school in 2010 he took architecture & engineering at OCVTS, where he discovered that it really was not his passion.  Around the same time he was accepted in the Visual Communication program at Ocean County College where he turned his attention on graphic design.  After completing the associates degree in 2015, he realized he wanted to pursue a career in graphic design. 


He continued his education by completing the B. F. A. in graphic design at the Kean University branch in Toms River, NJ in May 2019.  He currently enjoys creating logos, illustrations, and campaigns.  


I am always looking to do graphic design work for clients


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